People behind the scenes is developed by Somia Reality Oy - a company from Helsinki, Finland.

Sales & Marketing

Ville Mujunen
CEO, Sales
+358 40 521 6333
Laura Virros
VP, Sales
+358 40 0883422
Jari A Jaanto
CBDO, Sales
+358 40 763 8288
Heini Björk
COO, Sales
On study leave
Saara Sevon
Nan Ekblom
Account manager


Antti Hollanti
Chief Product Officer
Hermanni Mäki
Creative Director
Sami Samuelsson
Backend Developer
Hassan Shahbazi
Senior Software Developer
Irene Rautio
Junior Web Developer
Pallab Gain
Senior Software Developer

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Somia Reality Oy
Salomonkatu 17 A
FI-00100, Helsinki, Finland


Business ID 2399492-5